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Specialty Services

At KT Graham, our goal is is help your business and equipment run smoothly.  That is why we offer existing customers some specialty services to help them when problems suddenly arise.  We are able, in some situations, to custom fabricate parts at a reduced cost and lead time to help get your equipment back in working condition as soon as possible.  Below are some problems that our clients have experienced in the past and how KT Graham was able to fix them:

Challenge 1


Large forklift doors were removed in late Spring. Doors are missing at the end of summer. Doors cost $8430 for the pair and 8 weeks for delivery/install


Manufacturer won’t supply any info regarding specs and machine is used ands needed daily. K. T. Graham Fix: Determined door size, anchor points, window replacement, handles , locks, etc. We manufactured a pair of doors with customer approvals as to design. Total time for project 3 weeks and cost was $5360 (including installation).

Challenge 2


Yard tractors in good structural condition but reliability was decreasing due to age


Establish a cost of refurbishing units to provide customer with accurate decision making information. These figures are used to determine capital expenditures for either new purchases or refurb.

K.T. Graham Fix

Using our experience in this industry, we developed a check sheet with over 120 items. The customer checks the items that they desire to be rehabilitated and we determine a cost based upon serial number of the vehicle.

Challenge 3


Driveshaft on Hyster Reach Stacker broke in half due to excessive wear in all u-joint/yokes


Machine was manufactured in the UK and Hyster needs 90 days to manufacture new driveshaft. K.T. Graham Fix: We determined actual measurements that were needed via photos/dimensions. Using metric standards, we sent damaged shaft out and repaired it using EU Metric yokes to complete job within 10 days.

Challenge 4


Spreader assembly on a Reach Stacker was beyond service limits and cracked boom, wear blocks destroyed.


Manufacturer of boom needed 60 days to fabricate wear blocks that were to act as horizontal flat bushing to provide clearance from sliding boom to fixed boom. Special challenge was that OEM had no drawings for this boom’s wear blocks. K.T. Graham Fix: Quality analysis of material by us determined original material used and we  designed wear blocks based on original design. We determined dimensions of blocks that were needed to provide proper clearance of telescopic boom on fixed boom. Blocks were manufactured by us to proper specs. Total time in project was 18 days.

Unique Airfreight Capability


Customer calls with an emergency part requirement on Saturday at 3pm a MUST HAVE IMMEDIATELY – 400 Miles away


No delivery service available by air on Saturday. Trucking will take 8 hrs. K. T. Graham Fix: Load cylinders onto chartered aircraft @ our airport facility KLNS. Parts are delivered within 3 hours to destination. Aircraft and pilots are on-staff at our wholly-owned, fixed base aircraft repair station.


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